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TWS-C Truck Scale

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TWS-C Truck Scale

TWS-C Truck Scale

TWS-C model truck scales was adopted Robust 6pcs U-beam design. Its scales and services are spread over domestic

 and overseas markets in various industries, such as: Construction sites, Quarry, GAS station, Toll station, Waste recycling, 

Harbor, logistics and transportation, Farm and so on.


As to the scales we offering, We are responsible for each client. After getting your inquiry on TWS truck scales, you’ll get a 

professional weighing solution by our well-skilled sales and technician in a fast time.

Optional Sizes for TWS-C Truck scale

All platform lengths are available in a choice of widths:

2.8m/ 3m/ 3.2m/ 3.4m/ 4m


About TWS-C Truck scales


What composed a complete TWS-C truck scale?

A complete TWS truck scale is made up of Weighing platforms, Load cells, Indicator, Junction box, Signal cable, screws.

Optional accessories are: Computer, Printer, Weighing Software, Guide-rails, slopes

How about the structure?

TWS offer U-beam and H-beam structures truck scales. Normally, H-beam cost higher than U-beams, but the structure is much stronger, which is suitable for using in much heavy-duty applications. U-beam structure truck scales are more popular nowadays.

How long, how wide and how many capacity of TWS-C truck scales can be?

Length from 3m to 30m(all optional)

Width from 2.8m to 4m(all optional)

Capacity from 10ton to 200tons(all optional)

8mm thick checkered/10mm smooth platform


What kind of load cells can be matched with TWS TN truck scales?

TWS TN Truck scale can be matched with load cell

                                                                      KELI QS/ZSFY

                                                                      ZEMIC HM9B/BM14G

                                                                      TOLEDO PDX/0782

                                                                     FLINTEC RC3

                                                                     VISHAY 116...

About the indicators?

According to the communicating protocol, digital load cells match digital indicators

Analog indicator is easier to operate than digital ones, but digital load cells are superior than analogs in Signal transmission speed and anti-jamming. TWS’s clients mostly be supplied with Digital truck scales.


How to choose a suitable type of foundation?

TWS-C Truck scale has pit and pitless foundations two types. 



Pit truck scale

Pitless truck scale


No need

Each one in the front and the end side

Impact force

Small, as the scale platform is level with the ground

Heavier impact force when the scale climb up and down from the scales by slopes

Area covered


Bigger space as slopes must be equipped


Due to confined area restrictions,

it’s hard to repair and maintain the scale

Much convenient

Clean and drainage

Time consuming for cleaning

Drainage system must be well-done

Quick and easy usually by a water or air hose

Convenient for drainage


More expensive due to additional civil work, concrete and reinforcing steel that’s needed

Cheaper since less construction materials needed



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