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Tiger Weighing Scales Co.,Ltd.

----Precision, It's not just merely for weighing apparatus

Tiger Weighing Scales Co.,Ltd. specializes in weighing equipment from precision laboratory scales to heavy duty truck scales. With our professional services and high working efficiency, we served more than100 clients from over 50 countries and regions till now and it's still growing.

Line of products

Our main products include: Truck scales/weighbridge, floor scales, platform scales, waterproof scales, counting scales, weighing scales, laboratory scales; load cells, weighing indicators, junction box, signal cables, weighing software, installation tools, etc.

Applications of Tiger weighing equipments

The weighing scales produced by Tiger Weighing Scales mainly used in those applications: Manufacturing, Construction, Mining and Aggregates, Transport and Logistic, Waste and Recycling, Agriculture and Farming, Food and Beverage, Chemical and Petrochemical, Post and Shipping and other industries.

Installation and Calibration

The Installation and Calibration manual will be sent together with the scales you bought.

Normally, most of our scales are pre-calibrated before delivery. when you get the scales produced by Tiger, you can assemble and install the scales according to our guide manual. If customer can not fix the scale well by themselves, there are two options:

first, considering of cost-saving for buyers, Tiger suggest that buyer to be guide by video(we will make a video special for solving the client's problem) or phone calls online guidance, till all problems be well-solved. If there are still problems with the scales, then we go to the second option.

Second, clients asking for sending technician to help for installation.



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